Tuesday, 15 January 2013

10 Reasons Why I love My Husband

It’s so healthy in a marriage for husband and wives to recognize why you love your spouse and in addition, to acknowledge to your spouse why you do love them.

By doing this it helps you keep the focus on what makes you happy and by acknowledging this to your spouse, it keeps them focused on what makes them feel loved and appreciated.

In support of the Happy Wives Club’s first link up party,  Marriage By Redesign  has chosen to list 10 reasons why I love my husband.

Wedding pic compressed 150x150 10 Reasons Why I love My Husband

1. My husband asks me about me day and then listens in a way that shows me he’s interested.

2. My husband initiates doing something special for just for the two of us regularly.

3. My husband knows the special dates in our life.

4. My husband will go grocery shopping for us and or with me.

5. My husband turns off his technology instruments to spend time with me.

6. My husband makes me laugh.

7. My husband buys me gifts just because.

8. My husband knows my love language and acts upon my needs.

9. My husband doesn’t look at other women in front of me.

10. My husband is a fantastic snuggler.

Now, add your comments below of why you love your husband then hop on over to our friends at the Happy Wives Club to read more reasons why we love our husbands.

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